Anna Hutsol and Viktor Svyatsky, FEMEN, Kiev

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Pineapples and Caviar

November 2009

Russian transcription by Olga Zelinska

Translation and editing by Sophie Pinkham

Sophie Pinkham: Please tell me your names, ages, and where you work.

Anna Hutsol: My name is Anna Hutsol.  I’m 25.  I work in show business and in FEMEN.

SP: In show business?  What do you do there?

AH: I organize concerts.  Now not so much, because there aren’t many concerts.

SP: How did you start working with FEMEN?

AH: FEMEN has existed since April 2008.  Not long, but I think we’ve already succeeded in doing a lot.  Two other girls from FEMEN and I have been involved with social programs for a long time.  We work with social organizations, women’s organizations.  We started wanting to make a real women’s movement in Ukraine, the kind we don’t have here.

Viktor Svyatsky: Not just in Ukraine–there isn’t one in Europe.

AH: There isn’t something that unites everyone and…

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